Questions You Absolutely Have To Ask During Interviews

If you are interviewed for a job it is natural to talk about salaries but there are so many other topics that need to be discussed. Unfortunately, most people do not actually take things one step further. This helps the interviewer to see that you are a good fit as you are interested in the job and you to be sure that you actually want to work for the company that got you an interview. You want to ask questions about all things that are of interest to you, including the following.

What Training Do The Managers Have?

Work happiness can easily be made or broken because of the manager. The really great manager is going to help you advance the career and can be a strong mentor for you. The bad manager will make your day miserable. By the year 2020 we should see Generation Y being around 40% of the entire workforce. For this group it is particularly important to get a good start in careers. What should be known is that most bosses start managing people around the age of 30 but adequate leadership training is only obtained after 40. Since a great company always wants to retain talent, it invests in manager training. When this is not present you might want to look for another job.

What Benefits Are Offered?

Salary is never enough since extra benefits are going to often be even more important for the long term career of an employee. Some jobs are more dangerous than others. For instance, if you look here you can see that there are many jobs where compensation does not really exist for workplace injury, even if the possibility to be injured on the job is pretty high. This is an exaggerated example but it shows that benefits have to go over salaries and bonuses.

What Is The Current Office Layout?

We are used to asking questions about company culture but an equally important thing is to know the office layout since this might be suitable for you or not. For instance, many new startups use an open space hub type office configuration. That is great for various young enthusiasts that start their career but it may not be the case for many of the more experienced industry professionals. Still, asking this question brings in information about company flexibility, the number of employees that work in a remote setting and much more. Take advantage of this by seeing if the office layout is good based on what you prefer.

How Are Meetings Handled?

One of the huge complaints that appear in the big corporate world is related to meetings. They are often organized without any purpose and stop you from being productive. Technology changed meetings since there are many employees that could work in various settings from practically any destination in the world. With this in mind, knowing exactly how the meetings are handled can be an important thing to take into account as you decide whether or not a job is appropriate for you.

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