Best Career Advice – 4 Myths That Will Prevent Your Success

When you take up that dream job, you feel that your vision has started unfolding. You feel closer to your goal of becoming a successful professional in your line of expertise. It does not always happen that way. It actually, very rarely happens that way. The path to success is never straight, but rather moving through labyrinth of paths until you find your ultimate goal.

You need to find ways to advance yourself in every way you can, the fastest you can. Beware of the myths that will anchor you in your position.

Myth #1: I need to be so good that they cannot do without me.

Truth: If you become indispensable, you are in major trouble. They would not want to leave that special position because they (management/ your boss) are so comfortable with you here. Result – you will NEVER get to move from there. They will work hard to ensure that you do not go anywhere. This is okay if you plan to retire in that position; if you have plans for promotion, NEVER become indispensable.

Myth #2: Self-praise will put you in a bad light and establish you as a bragger.

Truth: There are many talents you have that are not immediately obvious to your company or your boss. Let them know you are an expert at troubleshooting computer programs, or debugging, or Internet research. Go ahead and let people around you know your extra talents. You will be known as a braggart if you sing your praises and these are not true. But if you are indeed good at something else, an expert in some fields, let your bosses and team members know. Very often promotions, lateral growth happens this way.

Myth #3: Overdoing Your Work Is A Waste Of Time

Truth: Always exceed expectations in your work. You should give a little extra in everything you do. You should come a little early and leave a little late – of course, when it is necessary; when there is work. When you do your work always do it perfect; do not stop at what the job asks you to do. Go the extra mile and you will soon be visible in all the right places and when the time comes for a promotion, your name would be among the first ones on the list.

Myth #4: It is okay to turn down an offer from the management if I feel I am not perfect for it.

Truth: In the beginning, take and show gratefulness for every opportunity you have to advance. It is an unwritten rule that if a newbie refuses an offer, no other offer will go his way.

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