General Labour Jobs Toronto Details

Facts Pertaining To General Labour Jobs in Toronto

Looking for a job is actually futile when the job searcher does not possess any sort of educational qualifications nor has any kind of special skills. Yet such jobs are not few and far between. In fact, there is an upsurge for general laborer jobs in the employment market today. From manufacturing sector to construction and mechanical workshops also paint factories there is no dearth of companies or industries striving to retain their best work force comprising of general laborers.

Unfortunately, it is not enough just to go from factory to factory asking to be recruited. You must remain aware of the general labour jobs Toronto and gather as much knowledge as possible in order to succeed in obtaining the job that happens to be a good fit for you. Remember that it is your physical strength as well as the attributes that will help you in securing a job in a construction site or a workshop that are loosely categorized as general labor jobs.

It is time to check out a few facts pertaining to this particular job area. Read on for details…

Job Profile

Every site needs numerous workers on the task at the same time. However, not all of them have the same functions though. The highly skilled or trained workforce needs to spend quite some time learning the job and acquiring special skills. Other jobs can be easily handled by a lay person who has a bit of common sense and is good with his hands. Physical strength may also be a pre requisite for working in a factory or workshops at general labour jobs Toronto.


There is no particular duty meant for the general labor. He must be prepared to handle a variety of tasks including but not limited to:-

  • Cleaning of the site or work place
  • Loading and unloading of materials
  • Delivering documents, materials, and equipments
  • Using specialized equipments such as forklifts, blow torches, saws, pressure washers, and power drills
  • Construction site workers need to set up and disassemble scaffolding, ladders as well as other structures
  • General labor force working on road construction sites frequently help in controlling the traffic by using barricades, markers as well as flags to direct the flow of traffic in the best possible manner.

Educational qualification

  • No bar. However, an apprentice must have a high school diploma in order to complete the apprenticeship.
  • The high school diploma is also handy for reading blueprints or making reports.

Other requirements

Having special skills or being a certified worker is usually advantageous as high skilled jobs sites are almost always looking for experienced and trained laborers. There are, however, certain other criteria for finding general labour jobs Toronto. They include:-

  • Physical power
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Endurance
  • Computer skills in some cases
  • Communication and language skills
  • Being able to speak multiple languages is an added advantage
  • The general labors who have to work with hazardous materials need to have completed a safety training program as well.


Statistics reveal that general labour jobs Toronto is going to increase by about 10%-13% in the next 7 years.


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